Customer Success

We provide a range of tailored professional services
to ensure your long-term success with JourneyApps.

Customer Success Management

Your Customer Success Manager will regularly meet with you to understand your needs and challenges, gather feedback on our platform and provide technical advice to overcome project roadblocks. Our Customer Success Managers are also software developers, with a deep understanding of our platform, coding and app deployments. Their experience with the successful deployment of hundreds of applications to thousands of users means you get advice and assistance that’s rooted in real-world experience and valuable lessons learned.

Application Development

Don’t have developers, or don't have enough capacity to develop apps with your own IT teams? That shouldn’t hold back your digital transformation plans. Our experienced implementation partners provide end-to-end application development solutions, ensuring your organization benefits from the power of our app development platform, even where development capacity is constrained or may not yet exist.

Warranties and tailored support solutions ensure your application is built to specification, the first time, and you have the support you need to deploy your application to users.

Developer Training

Live developer training can accelerate the deployment of your first application. Training is conducted by senior JourneyApps engineers with a deep knowledge of our platform and experience from many real-world projects. Our training is tailored to the experience level and needs of attendees, and range from a few hours to three days.

During the training we do a deep-dive on the capabilities of the platform and development best practices, and build a basic application.

Development and Deployment Assistance

We provide a range of tailored services designed to support your adoption of JourneyApps and the deployment of your applications. Typical services include:

  • Guidance on the optimal composition of your development team
  • References to independent experienced JourneyApps developers to support your team
  • Application scoping and architecture design consulting
  • User roll-out plans
  • Consulting on custom integration between your systems and JourneyApps
  • Check-ins and business reviews
  • Security consulting
  • Proof-of-concept development
  • Business process design and optimization
  • Code reviews to provide feedback on deployment best practices and scalability of your apps

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