Industrial Equipment & Services

Streamline Operations for Fast Growth

More Industrial Equipment suppliers are offering product lifecycle services to add ongoing value to operations and improve stability.

Expanded services means more people, materials, and devices to connect — and the need for business processes that keep data moving quickly among personnel, locations, and databases.

JourneyApps creates custom digital solutions that fit into your unique quote-to-cash process where you need them. Implement solutions in weeks, not months, and scale solutions to keep up with your growing operations at your own pace.

Quote-to-Cash: Connecting Many Moving Parts

Where JourneyApps Can Speed Up Your Value Stream

Are manual processes slowing you down in these areas? Whether you need to automate one step or an entire series, digital solutions help you get more done in less time.

Quote Generation
Repair Reports
Failure Analysis
Order Management
Field Timesheets
Parts Tracking and Ordering
Installed Base Audit
Site Evaluation
Safety Assessments
Inventory Management
Field Service Work Orders
Job Tracking

How JourneyApps Helps
Industrial Equipment & Services

Targeting Outcomes

Create digital solutions to achieve specific outcomes like service effectiveness, technician utilization rate, and time-to-quote. Develop what you need now based on your priorities and scale to add apps over time.

Doing More With Less

Use custom applications to replace time-consuming manual paperwork. Enable your workforce to speed up your quote-to-cash process and reduce roadblocks to revenue-generating activities.

Serving Customers

You’re more than a manufacturer. Streamline internal processes and focus on providing operational expertise for customers. Keep the leading edge on competitors by launching more value-added services with ease.

What Our Customers in Industrial Equipment & Services Say


“JourneyApps did exactly what they promised. In 5 weeks, they successfully delivered this complex app, tailored to the needs of five of our business units.”

Tony Norris

Vice President, Global Lifecycle Services, Emerson

Invest in New Technology
With Confidence

Get a custom prototype based on your business processes in less than 5 days and see firsthand how JourneyApps solutions work. Implement new tools in weeks and scale into an ecosystem of apps when you’re ready.

Three Steps to App-Driven Business Processes


Test a trial application based on your current processes and systems, ready for testing in just a few days.


JourneyApps expert engineers rapidly develop your custom app for complete implementation within weeks.


Partner with JourneyApps to strategically build an ecosystem of apps that supports your business goals.

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