JourneyApps Services: The Fast Track to Unprecedented Digital Transformation Results

Many industrial companies are eager to harness the power of cutting-edge technology like the JourneyApps Platform to empower the Digital Connected Worker in the field and differentiate themselves from their competitors through unique apps, but they lack the IT bandwidth to develop and ship all the apps the business needs.

For this reason, JourneyApps offers implementation services to build, deploy and support custom apps on the JourneyApps Platform.

Here's How We Work:

We are focused on speed-to-market and time-to-value — new apps are typically implemented in 4-12 weeks — and we take pride in our 100% customer success track record.

Get Started Within Days With a Custom Prototype.

Our journey with you starts with rapid functional prototyping (free of charge): We develop a real, working, custom prototype app that your team can test on their own devices. When it comes to empowering your team to reason about what they need and to build their business case, rapid prototyping is a vastly superior approach compared to writing lengthy software requirements documents.


Simplify: Engineer from the Business Outcome.

Our Solutions Teams consist of US-based experts working in small tiger teams who are guided by understanding the business outcome that you need. They work with your team to understand your unique environment, business processes and challenges, and take a consultative approach to guarantee that we deliver a solution that solves your business problem.

Achieving Success with a Truly Agile Approach.

JourneyApps takes a truly agile and iterative approach to each solution implementation. Business stakeholders typically work directly with our Solutions Team to drive implementations (with IT governance and oversight), using a lightweight Kanban-based approach where we undergo rapid iterations based on your feedback. This approach is designed to take as little as possible of your time, while still guaranteeing a successful outcome.

Simple Phased Implementation, Completed in Weeks.

Our implementations start with a half-day or full-day workshop with our Solutions Team to understand your challenge, after which we commence our phased implementation — taking an iterative, product-oriented approach. If you have experienced implementations of other enterprise software systems, JourneyApps is a breath of fresh air.

Start Small, Test and Scale.

Starting small with a single app — and incrementally building out a larger integrated ecosystem of apps, is what makes the difference between successful and failed digital transformations. JourneyApps embraces this approach and works with you as a long-term partner to transform your organization with incrementally deployed apps that solve your most pressing operational business problems.

What you can expect from working with JourneyApps

We act as expert partners who help you achieve strategic digital transformation goals.

Faster Innovation

Bringing Innovation to Market Faster

On average, we implement new custom apps in 4-12 weeks. Our customers rely on us to turn their innovative ideas into successfully deployed apps faster than they have ever experienced before.

Achieve ROI

Achieving ROI in Less Than a Year

We work with you to make sure that each new JourneyApps solution has a business case and success plan that will enable a positive return on investment in less than a year.

Continuous Improvement

Enabling Continuous Improvement & Operational Excellence

Given the unparalleled speed-to-market and ease of evolving apps using the JourneyApps Platform, we help our customers achieve unprecedented results with their Lean and Operational Excellence efforts.

Strategic Value

Successfully Unlocking Strategic Value

Customers rely on our consultative expertise to design and build solutions that unlock strategic value — such as better insights into product quality & reliability, growing revenue through new top-line programs, scaling operations faster without increasing headcount in growing markets, and more.

We are helping companies empower the Digital Connected Worker.

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