Build integrated custom
RealWear® apps with great UX.

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Rapidly build useful apps that get you
more from your RealWear® investment.

JourneyApps makes it simple to build voice-driven
workflow apps that integrate with existing ERP systems.

Here's what makes us unique:

Icon Feature 1

Optimized for RealWear®
(not an afterthought)

Rich UI component library with deep RealWear® integration.
Sensible default voice commands with full developer customizability.

description asset_id.js
  1. journey.voice.registerCommands([
  2. {
  3. command: "Show Asset",
  4. callback: toggleAssetImage,
  5. },
  6. {
  7. command: "Hide Asset",
  8. callback: toggleAssetImage,
  9. },
  10. ]);
  11. function toggleAssetImage() {
  12. view.AssetImage = !view.AssetImage;
  13. }
UX Code

Trigger custom JavaScript functions from voice commands.

Auto-set voice commands based on your UI, or set your own custom commands.

description open_work_orders.view.xml
  1. <view title="View Open Work Orders">
  2. <toggle label="Show Locations" bind="locations_visible" />
  3. <date-input label="Select Work Order Date" bind="date" required="false" />
  4. <card show-if="open_order">
  5. <accent label="{work_order_status}" color="{status_color}" />
  6. <header> New Work Order Available </header>
  7. <content> Say "View Order Details" </content>
  8. <footer> {time} from {requester} ({unit}) </footer>
  9. <action on-press="showMoreDetails" icon="ion-more"/>
  10. </card>
  11. <capture-coordinates bind="location" />
  12. <button-group>
  13. <button label="Back" on-press="navigateBack()" style="outline" color="positive"/>
  14. <button label="Create New Work Order" icon="fa-wrench" on-press="newWorkOrder()" style="solid" color="positive"/>
  15. </button-group>
  16. </view>
UX Code

Clean UX by default, uncluttered by voice command indicators.

Retain complete control over voice commands available to users.

description asset_identification.js
  1. function registerCommands() {
  2. registerUnitListeners();
  3. }
  4. function registerUnitListeners() {
  5. var units = DB.asset.all().toArray();
  6. var commands = (unit) {
  7. return {
  8. command: `${}`,
  9. callback: function (unit) {
  10. selectUnit(unit);
  11. },
  12. };
  13. });
  14. journey.voice.registerCommands(commands);
  15. }
  16. function selectUnit(unit) {
  17. view.asset_photo =;
  18. }
UX Code

Voice commands can be dynamically created based on data displayed in the UI.

These dynamic voice commands can trigger UI interactions or custom functions.

Icon Feature 1

Supports custom ERP integrations

Integrate with any system by scripting JavaScript logic which runs in our secure hosted CloudCode engine.

Icon Feature 1

Works when users are offline

Apps are offline-first by default with zero config required.

Our PowerSync engine ensures data integrity is ensured as data flows between devices, databases and existing systems.

Icon Feature 1

Integrates with industrial systems

Built-in integration to industrial technologies such as historians allows users to access equipment data from their HMT.

Stream and graph data in real-time.

Icon Feature 1

Move fast with over-the-air updates

See app changes in real-time on RealWear® devices.

App updates are deployed over-the-air, eliminating the need for repeated APK submission and approval.

"JourneyApps has created a simple and elegant solution
that will help developers rapidly create new apps
for our RealWear assisted reality devices."

Luke Hopkins
Senior Platform Architect at RealWear

Backed by a full-stack app platform


Extensive UI library and Voice Command Engine

Apps work offline with selected data stored locally


Data integrity assured with auto data sync and audit trails


Cloud database with automatically created REST API

Serverless tasks built and run through CloudCode

Build powerful workflow apps

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During a demo you'll see:

  • check How to create a custom RealWear® app in under a minute
  • check How to add UI elements
  • check How to tie custom JavaScript functions to voice commands
  • check How to build and run scripted integrations on CloudCode