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The Low-Code
App Platform
for Industrial

JourneyApps makes it easy to build sophisticated enterprise apps for field workers in challenging environments, in industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining & Metals, Chemicals, Construction and High-Tech Manufacturing.

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Not Just Another Low-Code Platform

If you are trying to connect your workers in the field with apps, JourneyApps will save you years of frustration and millions of dollars: Unlike generic low-code platforms, it brilliantly solves the really hard challenges that industrial companies uniquely face.

Offline Data Sync? Solved.

We’ve spent 10 years building the best offline data sync on the planet — that you can start using within minutes.

  • Syncs fully relational data, with a universal data model.
  • Intelligent data partitioning — only sync what’s needed.
  • Encrypted on all devices, SOC 2 approved, GDPR.
  • Handles degraded connectivity with no user impact.
  • Bandwidth-efficient, ultra-scalable, configurable conflict resolution, continuous data integrity assurance.
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All The Smart Hardware Integrations You Need.

JourneyApps comes with built-in with support for NFC, RFID, reading data from Bluetooth smart devices, scanning barcodes with laser scanners, printing documents to portable thermal printers, and integrating with IIoT platforms.

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Move Mountains With The
All-in-One Industrial App Platform

JourneyApps is the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use low-code platform serving industrial companies’ unique needs — allowing you to move mountains with small developer teams.

Web-Based IDE

Powerful web-based IDE & management interface with live co-editing and GitHub integration.

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Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-platform apps on iOS, Android & Windows with a single JavaScript codebase and a powerful UI feature set.

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Highly scalable backend-as-a-service with relational data storage and native SSO integration.

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Compute Engine

Serverless compute engine for any-to-any integration, document automation and workflows.

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Turn Your Disconnected Workers Into
Connected Workers

JourneyApps allows you to build apps that ensure your workers are always connected to the data and workflows they need to execute jobs efficiently and safely - while providing excellent central operational visibility. We make it easy to move away from using paper and Excel to run your business.

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